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what is Laser Vagina Tightening

New technology in the world of beauty to pamper, tighten and rejuvenate your intimate areas. This method includes safe, fast processing, painless and very satisfying results.

The right choice for women who have "Urinary Incontinence" (a medical condition characterized by reduced ability to resist urination) and has proven its success. You can feel the results in the first treatment.

IntraGen radiofrequency (RF) can also be used to tighten up the labia majora and minora.

how Laser Vagina Tightening works

IntraGen is a radiofrequency vaginal rejuvenation device FDA approved for use in dermatological and general surgical procedures for electrocoagulation and hemostasis. The hand piece is a disposable monopolar applicator that is used to apply energy internally and externally.

It delivers the ideal RF energy to deep dermal tissue for skin rejuvenation, and deep mucosal tissue for vaginal rejuvenation.


Before and After

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Treatment is minimally invasive and pain-free and administered without the use of anesthesia. Inserting the special probe into the vaginal canal, where it pulses energy throughout the area. The entire procedure takes just 5-10 minutes. Patients should refrain from sex for a few days following the procedure but can resume other daily activities immediately.
Most women experience some immediate reduction in such symptoms as vaginal dryness, itching, burning, and pain during intercourse. But optimum benefits require three follow-up treatments, scheduled several weeks apart. Improvement continues to increase for about five months following treatment.

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